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ISM Développement

outsourced growth for specialized sales

ISM Développement was founded to promote commercial developments of new products in France and abroad.

First cornerstone of the company is launching an innovative product designed for oldtimers cars and owners of sports cars:
  • TyreGuard®, a wheel platform protecting valuable automobiles for a storage preventing "flat spotting".
In addition comes marketing and sales development of following products:
  • PROFILEX-newtech, a wide range of rod side protection and protective films for cars;
  • b i o x v i t a, a comprehensive antioxidant supplements program based on a quick test for monitoring free radicals activity;
  • Reifenkissen™, the tranquility of a cushion, for an easy and quick parking without flat spot tyres;
and soon new products for the automotive and well-being industry.

Your partner in your success

outsourced growth for specialized sales
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